Due to its physical features it is limited to two main roads – one that skirts her coast and another that reaches partway, into the depths of her belly.

Chiseled from time and weathered by the elements her crumbly features restrict access to many areas inside the mountain. However, her coast and center valley are reachable with an abundance of treasures along the way.

Join us on a West Maui Tour to explore the road less traveled and experience the Hawaiiʻo of old.

West Maui Adventure

The Full Loop
7-8 Hours

‘Iao Valley Excursion

Central Maui
4 Hours

About these Tours

We offer two different routes that can be catered to your personal needs.

These inclusions are based on a semi-active tour. This means light trail walking and perhaps swimming.

Some envision a scenic experience while others seek action & adventure! Know that we will mold and modify until it’s just right for you.

Choosing a private tour means that the entire family can enjoy the ride.

No one needs to navigate the turns, figure out the best places to stop or to search for hidden gems along the way. That’s our job. Leading the way is our specialty.

In addition to exploring the beauty of the island we invite you to forge an intimate connection with your very own personal tour guide.

  • Receive undivided attention with space created for an intimate experience.
  • Enrich your journey with stories of old & visions of new.
  • Consider mythology and study history.
  • Learn botany & examine geology.
  • Expose yourself to period music & cultural food.
  • Conclude the day with a new friend and deeper understanding of who Hawaiians are and what Hawaii is all about.
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West Maui Adventure

Full Loop | 7-8 hrs

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Tour Highlights

  • Experience the entire coast of Maui’s western volcano in just 7-8 hours
  • Traverse an area rarely visited by tourists and void of tour busses
  • Take in the breathtaking views of rugged coastline, wind swept cliffs and magnificent valleys
  • Be a guest in the Hawaii of old while visiting Kahakuloa, an isolated Hawaiian settlement
  • Visit a cliff top gallery featuring over 100 local artisans
  • Examine the remote Bell Stone lava fields
  • Observe Oceanic Tidal Pools
  • Be impressed by the powerful blow hole at Nakalele Point
  • Hike to a secluded waterfall
  • Taste local treats & sweets
  • Admire the vibrant coral reef at Honolulu Bay
  • Marvel at the Lahaina Banyan Tree
  • Enjoy at leisure time in Lahaina Town, the original capital of Hawaii turned whaling port in the early 1800’s.
  • If it’s Humpback Whale season (December through May) stop to watch them spout, jump and play.
Full Tour Description

Experience the entire coast of Maui’s western volcano in a short 5-6 hour excursion. Start by traveling on a road rarely visited by tourists.  On the way we will visit a stream with several pools and waterfalls, then continue up a narrow road cut high in the mountainside. Stop at several lookouts to take in the breathtaking views of exposed, steep & rugged coastline. Next, we visit a cliff top gallery featuring over 100 local artisians where one can find jewelry, art and home decor. Drive into the native, isolated Hawaiian village of Kahakuloa. Partake in a taste test of their famous Banana Bread and Lilikoi (passion fruit) butter.

Leaving the village we wind around to the remote bell stone fields. During Halemahina’s last eruption it spit out massive lava bombs, which landed near the coast. Bell stones are hollow inside. You can make them ring by tapping them with a stick or rock.  We stop to make music with the bell stones. If you are feeling adventurous, we can take a crumbly trail down to the Olivine Tide Pools. Here, we observe marine life and take a salty dip in the heart-shaped basin.

The narrow road ends and a two-lane paved highway will bring us to Nakalele Point. At the ocean’s edge a lava shelf extends itself into the sea. Waves follow a pathway beneath the shelf forcing water through a small hole in resulting in the “eruption” of water similar to a geyser or a whale’s blow hole. This attraction fires 90% of the time and sprays often reach over 100 feet into the air! When the surf is high, we keep our distance, but if the waves are calm we can take a trail in order to stand nearby and receive a natural ocean shower.

Stop at Honolua Bay, the crown chakra of the island, to witness Maui’s healthiest reef from above. View the fingers of coral dotted with snorkelers. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of swimming turtles or frolicking dolphins. Next, take a flat forest walk through dense jungle to the mouth of the bay. Taste honeysuckle and passion fruit along the way and absorb the rich energy of the region.

Leaving Honloua, we head into resort land, passing Kapalua where golf championships are held every year.  Moving into the popular Ka’anapali Beach resorts where you may be surprised to learn that this area was once reserved for royalty.  Stop for leisure time in old whaling port of Lahaina, once the capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaii.  The old buildings were originally erected to support trade and whaling, but today they showcase shops, galleries and restaurants.

Conclude with a visit to Hawaii’s largest collection of ancient petroglyphs. Chiseled into Maui’s bedrock these carvings depict native way of life. If it is December through May, then whale watching is a must. We will stop at several spots along the way to see if we can find some animals playing from shore.

Please note, if you are staying at a West side hotel, then you can “trade” your Hour of leisure shopping in Lahaina for exploration of  ʻĪao Valley. Visit the sunken caldera of tMaui’s western volcano. Gaze up steep valley walls with waterfalls tumbling down, and visit the ʻĪao needle (a natural basalt tower).  The ʻĪao valley has the largest streams on Maui and is the main source of fresh drinking water.  These waters are known for their healing powers and visitors and locals are often seen floating in the rivers many swimming holes taking in the mana of the area.

Departure & Duration

  • Choice of morning or sunset adventure (8am thru 1pm departure)
  • 8 Hrs Duration


  • Private Tour $525.00 (First 2 Guests Included)
  • Each Additional Guest $155.00 Per Person


  • Bottled Water & Fresh Banana Bread.
  • Lunch and other local treats are available for purchase at the road side stands & eateries

‘Iao Valley Excursion

Historic Wailuku & ‘Iao Valley | 5 hours

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Tour Highlights

  • Journey deep into a sunken volcanic caldera
  • Marvel at the famed ‘Iao Needle – a natural basalt tower that stands 2,250 feet tall
  • Enrich yourself at the Cultural Heritage Gardens – created in tribute to Maui’s diverse ethnic backgrounds
  • Visit Wailuku River – the largest source of fresh water on the island
  • Explore the Bailey House Museum  – second largest cache of native Hawaiian artifacts in the State
  • Observe the Haleki’i Pihana Heiau – a gathering place for the supernatural turned sacrificial temple in the 1400’s
  • Conclude the day in historic Wailuku Town – Maui’s governmental seat rich with antiquity and a vibrant local vibe
Full Tour Description

ʻĪao Valley is the deepest valley in the West Maui Mountains, making the ʻĪao River the largest watershed from these wet verdant slopes. This allows the valleys and thick kukui nut trees to keep their vibrant green hues.

In Maui, the kukui nut is a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. So, it would only make sense that this 8,661-acre land is preserved and protected by Maui Land & Pineapple Company, with the partnership of The Nature Conservancy and the State Natural Area Partnership. This means you will get a peak at pristine, untouched land while on our tour.

Our tour begins with a visit to the ruins of a luakini heiau, which is a sacrificial temple. With views of the ʻĪao Stream, Kahului Bay, Wailuku Plain and Paukukalo Hawaiian Homestead, this site is the home of two heiau. According to historical references, they were built in a single night using rocks from Paukukalo Beach.

It has been said that human sacrifices were offered at these temples, as a way to honor royalty. As we visit these cultural landmarks, we can observe Maui’s geology and industry while making connections to the history and mythology of Hawaii.

Our next stop takes us deep into Maui’s western volcano. Because of the last eruption 320,000 years ago, substantial stream erosion has created one of the deepest valleys known as ‘Iao Valley. The valley walls are covered in dense rainforest, and the average 386 inches that flow onto the ‘Iao Stream! We take a trail running along the ʻĪao Stream, which is overflowing with tropical flowers, guava fruit and native fauna.

We then make our way to the base of the ʻĪao Needle, which is 1,200 foot basalt tower that was once used as a watchtower during wartimes. You will then be given the opportunity to bath or wade in the healing waters of the ʻĪao Stream, which is our island’s largest river.

Our tour completes with a visit to the cultural heritage gardens. These gardens feature scale models of traditional homes, native gardens and cultural totems that represent the immigration of Hawaiian, American missionaries, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean and Filipino cultures.

These restored gardens have recently been expanded to include taro patches and examples of Hawaiian farming techniques. The Hawaii Nature Center is located just outside the gardens and provides access to a museum and children’s education about Hawaii and conservation.

Departure & Duration

  • Flexible Start Time – Choose from 8:00am – 1:00pm
  • 5 Hours in Duration


  • 2 Guests: $189.00 Per Person
  • Each Additional Guest is $155.00 Per Person
  • Children 2 & Under Ride Free


  • ʻIao Valley & Bailey House Museum Entrance Fees
  • Bottled Water
  • Lunch and other local treats are available for purchase in the heart of Wailuku Town

Discover the beauty & culture of Hawai’i!

We promise to take great care of you!

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