We are so happy you found us… welcome to Holo Holo Maui. We offer private adventure & scenic tours in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. With our help, we will create a customized excursion tailored to fit your interests, capabilities and time restraints. If you are looking for a comfortable scenic drive or an action packed adventure – accompanied by your own personal tour guide, then you have come to the right place! It would be our pleasure to lead the way…


“Hooking up with a local” can make all the difference. We are a native Hawaiian family with deeply cultured roots and a love for the outdoors. Maui is our playground and has been for generation upon generation. We will take you where tour busses won’t, guiding you every step of the way to hidden gems, sacred sites and Maui’s most popular attractions. Enrich your experience with our invaluable insight to Hawaiian culture and history. Can you feel the passion? It is with great pride that we wish to share our mana’o (knowledge) with you.

gus surfing


Ambassador of Aloha

Gus was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brasil, and loved the ocean as a young boy. He was the only one in his family called to surf. This pursuit brought him to Hawaii. Without knowing a lick of English this brave young man moved to O’ahu. He spent his days surfing, working and learning the language.

The fast pace of O’ahu life was too much for him so he left for Maui. There he met a canoe paddler who invited him to the Hawaiian Canoe Club. Upon arrival he was received with radiant aloha. Gus knew he found his new family. He paddled with the club for over 10 years. During this time he was educated and initiated by Hawaiian elders. Gus has received a cultural and physical education. Emerging with clear knowledge and deep reverence for Hawaiian Wisdom. One of the cultural principles taught by the Hawaiian Canoe Club is Ka’analike Kou Makana (share your gifts). Gus shares his gift of knowledge and appreciation of Hawaiian culture on every tour.



Ambassador of Aloha

Jasmine, a Hawaiian native, was born and raised in the countryside on the island of Maui. She grew up in a hapa haole, mixed Hawaiian-Caucasion, home. Childhood brought many back road adventures. Wild rides through the cane fields and trips into the mill were the norm. She and her family often camped on the beach, played in ocean, enjoyed hidden waterfalls & hiked through the forest where days were filled with swimming & boogie boarding. Nights were reserved for smores & crab catching, and “talking story” – the tradition of passing down history through story telling.

She danced hula in her late childhood and into her early teens. This took her deeper into understanding her heritage through the practice of song and dance. She was educated at the University of Hawaii, earning a degree in the Associates of Arts. Today, she is part of the prestigious Kamehameha Schools Ohana. Here, she continues to enrich herself with Hawaiian culture and wisdom. She wishes to preserve her heritage by sharing it with those who wish to know more.



Ambassador of Aloha

Haley, a Northern California native, flew to Maui on a whim, fell in love with paradise and never left. Naturally in possession of the Aloha spirit she soon found herself invited to live with a local ‘Ohana. Here, she was further exposed to the regional manner and became doubly inspired to learn more about the Hawaiian heritage, culture & history.

Today, Haley continues to culture her roots. She discovered a passion for botany and is studying the flora & fauna of the island. She participates in cultural enrichment – such as Mo’olelo (Hawaiian storytelling), heritage discussions and island explorations. She is a prime example of how one through the embracement and practice of Polynesian ideals and can become Hawaiian at heart. She carries her newfound home with a sense of deep pride and wishes to share this with you.


My wife and I could not have asked for a more entertaining, adventurous, and enjoyable tour of Maui than what we experienced with Gus. Waterfalls, scenic overlooks, and beautiful beaches were just the highlights of this enjoyable time. We cannot wait to get back to Maui to have Gus show us how canoeing and Stand-Up Paddle boarding are done Hawaiian style! For those looking for a top notch private tour of the island, look no further. Professional, polite, extremely friendly, and very knowledgeable - Gus is the man!

Graham R

Our day with Jasmine was the highlight of our Hawaiian vacation! She took us to places we never would have seen or experienced. She customized a tour for our family with all of the high adventure we desired - cliff jumping, cave exploration, hiking, etc. She provided a rich history of the Islands and brought the culture alive for us with music and great out-of-the-way stops all along the road to Hāna. She also provided a most delicious lunch. The tour was worth every penny, because it was a day that our family will not soon forget!

Jenny W

We did the Road to Hāna Tour with Gus and were really delighted that we did. It was undoubtedly the best tour of our holiday. We are a family of four including two older teenagers. During the all day trip Gus showed us beautiful and special places that we would never have found on our own. He also provided a wealth of information along the way. We would thoroughly recommend Holo Holo tours! Thank you so much Gus for giving us such a special day. We couldn't have asked for a better way to finish our holiday in Maui.

The J Family