Island Overview

First, a quick overview. Maui is made of two volcanoes. – Haleakalā, in the East and Halemahina, in the West.

We have tours that explore both sides. Each area offers a great variety of attraction and invaluable learning opportunities.

We have created suggested routes and itineraries. Please find them below. Know that everything is modifiable.



Haleakalā forms more than 75% of the island of Maui. Choose to explore the coast or ascend the mountaintop to it’s crater.


Explore the Crater

The summit of Haleakalā is 10.023 feet above sea level. The drive up to the top will take you through a variety of landscapes and microclimates.

The National Park begins at the 7,000 foot elevation and encompasses the entire mountaintop. There are just a few companies that have earned permits to enter and explore the area. We are one of them!

Explore the Coast

This area is known as “The Road to Hāna”. It boasts close to 100 miles of dramatic coastal scenery, features a thriving rainforest and is home to the lucky few. It is a popular area to explore and one of our favorite places to share.

It can take all day to explore, but not everyone wants a full excursion so we offer shorter routes as well.

Our Taste of Hāna will take us halfway to Hāna Town, then turn around and come back. It is approximately 5-6 hours long,

Our Hāna Bound will bring us to the Town of Hāna, then turn around and come back. This is approximately 8-9 hours long.

And our All the Way Around will complete the full loop with approximately 10-12 hours to explore.

We also have a Backside & Pipiwai Adventure for those who want to focus on hiking in the Bamboo Forest.

East Maui Tours

Road to Hana & Haleakala Crater

Taste of Hāna

Halfway to Hāna & Back
5-6 Hours

Hāna Bound

To Hāna Town & Back
8-9 Hours

All the Way Around

The Full Loop
10-12 Hours

Bamboo Forest Trek

The Full Loop In Reverse
10 – 12 Hours

Haleakalā Summit & Stroll

To the Top & Back
6 Hours



This volcano completes the other 25% of the island. We can make a complete loop around its’ circumference in just 7-8 hours or explore the center valley in a 4 hour excursion instead.


Tour the Coast

The coastal drive is the road less traveled, but it is filled with impressive attractions as well.

It is a narrow stretch of road where tour busses cannot fit and visitors dare to venture on their own.

We have the necessary experience lead the way.

Explore the Valley

If one lane passages meant for two way traffic does not appeal to you, then take our ‘Iao Valley Excursion instead.

This half day trip is a gentle walking tour focused on the beauty nature and Hawai’i of old.

West Maui Tours

West Maui Adventure

The Full Loop
7-8 Hours

‘Iao Valley Excursion

Central Maui
4 Hours

Discover the beauty & culture of Hawai’i!

We promise to take great care of you!

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