• Banyan Tree Climb
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Bamboo Thicket
  • Rope Swing
  • Waterfall Slides


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  • Flexible Start Times
  • Durations Vary

Lets get physical and thoroughly explore Mauis natural beauty!  Whether you’re a beginning hiker, looking for quick morning hike or you’re an experienced trail blazer looking for a full day trek, Maui offers a diverse array of trails and we can take you on the hike of your choice.  Would you like to journey deep into bamboo jungles to climb waterfalls?  Or maybe you’d prefer a steep climb through rain forest to vista points. Perhaps rock hopping up riverbeds to secret pools and lava tubes is your speed. From mild to extreme, from mountain to ocean, through flora and fauna, from views to vistas, we are ready to surprise and delight you with a customized Maui Hike.

Waihee Ridge Trail – Waihee means “slippery water” and is pronounced WHY-HEY-EH.  This 4.5-mile round-trip hike in the West Maui Forest Reserve promises lush scenery, great valley views and some dramatic ridgeline hiking. As this is Mauis main watershed, you’re more likely to be in for wet weather and muddy conditions near the top. But this also means waterfalls are plentiful, the vegetation is greener and the cooler conditions make for a comfortable hike. This hike is a feat, so plan on working up a decent sweat. The steep climb will raise your heart rate and get your legs talking.  We will move up through pine trees, strawberry guava and native Ohia.  Stopping to look back, you’ll get to take in the breathtaking view of the island spreading far below.  We then continue up into the clouds – literally. Moving through fern grottos, we will walk the ridge looking down into green valleys with waterfalls running along its side.  From the lookout at the top we will view Mauis north shore and the west face of Haleakalā.  In addition to mind-blowing views, you will get a fair amount of exercise on this Waihee Ridge Hike.

Four Falls Hike – Holding onto steady bamboo stalks, we will move through a giant maze of bamboo thicket on adventurous pathways, often sliding down steep sections to get to Nailiili haele stream. Several stream crossings are required to navigate up the riverbed to the waterfalls.  Each waterfall requires a new test of courage and agility in order to reach it. First we will use a short rope to climb up a rock wall, then we will climb a hanging ladder up a cliff and we finally swim upstream to reach the final waterfall.  We will get wet and muddy and have the time of our lives on this jungle adventure.  You will return spent and satisfied!

Makamakaole Waterfall Hike – The Hawaiian meaning of Makamakaole is “without friends”.  The name came from a Hawaiian woman who chanted a lament here for her departed husband. But you will be with friends as we take you on this two-tier waterfall hike in Mauis West Mountains. The trailhead is a small obscure opening in bamboo thicket.  Without a guide, you are likely to miss it. We will take you through sweet smelling ginger as we follow the stream, crossing it 13 times before reaching the upper waterfall. As we weave in and out of bamboo thickets, we will point out old native ruins.  On this trail we will see the rare remains of Hawaiian Kauhale; intentionally clustered structures forming a family complex.  Beyond the ruins our trail will open to a beautiful waterfall, perfect for swimming and sometimes gentle enough to stand under.  Coming out from the upper hike, we will cross the road and slip into a small opening in the brush to hike down the lower half of the stream. Walking along giant basalt formations, we will follow the chutes and falls of the stream. We will come upon a natural water slide, which takes you over the falls and plunges you into a cool waterfall pool. Get your cameras ready, because this is a perfect photo op! Feeling your inner primate? Grab the rope swing hanging above the pond and drop in from 20 feet up! At the bottom of the trail, we will climb down the giant roots of a majestic Banyan tree, making our way to the top of a tall waterfall, with its water gushing down to the ocean.

These three hikes are our most popular, but we have more available and are open to hearing your ideas for a custom hike that suits you!