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Welcome to Holo Holo Maui Tours. We are a small mom and pop company located on the island of Maui in beautiful Hawai’i Nei.

We offer personalized excursions featuring the best parts the island. With our help, we can create a custom experience tailored to fit your interests, abilities, budget and time frame.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable scenic drive or an action packed adventure we can build the perfect tour for you!

Our Story

Ambassadors of Aloha!

Holo Holo Maui started ten years ago as a small taxi company.

Our mission was to provide excellent customer service and teach visitors about their chosen destination. We found that our passengers were intrigued with stories and greatly appreciated the wealth of knowledge we had to share.

Guests started asking about hiring us for a day, or providing all of their transportation needs. Soon, word of mouth caught fire. Born Holo Holo Maui Tours, and reviews about us started popping up on the internet. We quickly realized our greater purpose in life – to share and preserve all things Hawaiian while developing meaningful connections with others.

Until two decades ago Hawaiian culture was still buried among the masses – among residents and visitors alike.

Today, there is a cultural renaissance and we are privileged, grateful and excited to be part of this resurgence. We feel called to rise and help it thrive. Dedicating our focus and cultivation to all past, present and future generations.

Why Holo Holo Tours?

1. Receive undivided attention in a space created for an intimate experience. Enrich the journey with our invaluable insight to Hawaiian culture and history.

2. Study the science of our volcanic formation and the evolution & usage of our flora and fauna. Enhance the drive with the music of old and songs of new.

3. Move at your own pace with the flexibility to customize at a moment’s notice.

Here's why "hooking up with a local" makes all the difference.

We are a native Hawaiian family with deeply cultured roots and a love for the outdoors.

Maui has been our playground for generation upon generation.

We will take you where tour busses won’t – guiding you every step of the way to hidden gems, sacred sites and Maui’s most popular attractions.

We can build a scenic excursion or an action packed adventure just for you!

But the best part about coming with us – is having your very own personal tour guide.



Sammy is a born and raised Maui girl. Her family is from a small town on the Hana side of the island. As a child she played at hidden waterfalls, climbed rose apple trees, hunted for guavas and roamed through cattle fields. Longer camping trips and fishing expeditions were summertime favorites. Night time crab hunting and eel searching are fond memories. She caught and cleaned her first fish at the age of 6!
As with many Hawaiian children, she learned hunter gatherer methods from her mother & father. Their teachings focused on respect for the ʻAina and love for land. In keeping with tradition, all knowledge comes from the ancestors who have walked before her. Sammy knows it is her duty to deliver this native intelligence to future generations. In becoming a tour guide this is a way for her to fulfill her calling. As happenstance allows her to share with you!


Georgia Amber was born on the west side of Maui, at a place called Mala. Her upbringing consisted of homeschool K-12 and life on the farm. There were chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, horses, calves, and a Heleconia nursery.

Growing up in the muddy jungles of East Maui was a childhood like no other – rotten guava tossing fights, multi-story treehouses, and camping trips into the nearby woods. This lifestyle offered Georgia the opportunity to learn about the surrounding plants & animals, wind & rain patterns, ocean currents & tides and the island community. 

As a young adult, Georgia attended college. She earned a Bachelor’s in Interpersonal Communication, and a Minor in Hawaii Studies. The University of Hawai‘i Hilo campus is deeply immersed and committed to the revitalization of the Hawaiian culture. Being a student here deepened Georgia’s knowledge and understanding of this place we call home.

Upon returning home to Maui, she has been working in the regenerative organic farming movement that is blossoming here on the island. She looks forward to sharing with you her lifetime of gathering knowledge about this special place.


Gus was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brasil, and loved the ocean as a young boy. He was the only one in his family called to surf. This pursuit brought him to Hawaii. Without know a lick of English he moved to Oʻahuʻs North Shore. Here, he spent his days surfing, working and learning the language.

The fast pace of O’ahu life was too much for him so he left for Maui. There he met a canoe paddler who invited him to join the Hawaiian Canoe Club. Upon arrival he was received with radiant aloha. Gus knew he found his new family. He paddled with the club for over 10 years. During this time he was educated and initiated by Hawaiian elders. Gus has received a cultural and physical education. Emerging with clear knowledge and deep reverence for Hawaiian Wisdom. One of the cultural principles taught by the Hawaiian Canoe Club is Ka’analike Kou Makana (share your gifts). Gus shares his gift of knowledge and appreciation of Hawaiian culture on every tour.


Jasmine, a Hawaiian native, was born and raised in the countryside on the island of Maui. She grew up in a hapa haole, mixed Hawaiian-Caucasion, home. Childhood brought many back road adventures. Wild rides through the sugarcane and bicycle expeditions in the pineapple fields. She and her family often camped on the beach, played in the ocean and enjoyed hidden waterfalls. Weekends were filled with hiking, swimming and boogie boarding. Nights were reserved for campfire smores, crab catching and “moʻolelo” – the tradition of passing down history through story telling.

She danced hula in her late childhood and into her early teens. This took her deeper into understanding her heritage through the practice of song and dance. She was educated at the University of Hawaii, earning a degree in the Associates of Arts. Today, she is part of the prestigious Kamehameha Schools ‘Ohana. Here, she continues to enrich herself with Hawaiian culture and wisdom. She wishes to preserve her heritage by sharing it with you.

Discover the beauty & culture of Hawai’i!

We promise to take great care of you!

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